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  *bequeath V. /遗赠,(代代)相传/leave to someone by a will; hand down. Though Maud had intended to bequeath the

  family home to her nephew, she died before changing her will. bequest, N.

  berate V. /严厉指责,谴责/scold strongly. He feared she would berate him for his forgetfulness.

  bereavement N. /丧亲/state of being deprived of something valuable or beloved. His friends gathered to console him

  upon his sudden bereavement.

  bereft ADJ. /失去的,缺少的/deprived of; lacking; desolate because of a loss. The foolish gambler soon found himself

  bereft of funds.

  berserk ADV. /疯狂的,狂暴的/frenzied. Angered, he went berserk and began to wreck the room.

  beseech V. /乞求,恳求/beg; plead with. The workaholic executive's wife beseeched him to spend more time with their


  beset V. /困扰/harass or trouble; hem in. Many vexing problems beset the American public school system. Sleeping

  Beauty's castle was beset on all sides by dense thickets that hid it from view.

  besiege V. /围攻/surround with armed forces; harass (with requests). When the bandits besieged the village, the

  villagers holed up in the town hall and prepared to withstand a long siege. Members of the new administration were besieged with job applications from people who had worked on the campaign.

  besmirch V. /弄脏/soil, defile. The scandalous remarks in the newspaper besmirch the reputations of every member

  of the society.

  bestial ADJ. /残忍的/beastlike; brutal. According to legend, the werewolf was able to abandon its human shape and

  take on a bestial form.

  bestow V. /给予/give. He wished to bestow great honors upon the hero. betoken V. /预示;表示/signify; indicate. The well-equipped docks, tall piles of cargo containers, and numerous vessels

  being loaded all betoken Oakland's importance as a port.

  betray V. /出卖;背叛/be unfaithful; reveal (unconsciously or unwillingly). The spy betrayed his country by selling

  military secrets to the enemy. When he was taken in for questioning, the tightness of his lips betrayed his fear of being caught.

  betroth V. /订婚/become engaged to marry. The announcement that they had become betrothed surprised their

  friends who had not suspected any romance. betrothal, N.

  bevy N. /一群(少女,小鸟)/large group. The movie actor was surrounded by a bevyof starlets.

  biased ADJ. /偏见的,偏差/slanted; prejudiced. Because the judge played golf regularly with the district attorney's father,

  we feared he might be biased in the prosecution's favor. bias, N.

  bicameral ADJ. /两院制的(参,众)/two-chambered, as a legislative body. The United States Congress is a bicameral


  bicker V. /争吵/quarrel. The children bickered morning, noon, and night, exasperating their parents.

  biennial ADJ. /两年一度/every two years. Seeing no need to meet more frequently, the group held biennial meetings

  instead of annual ones. Plants that bear flowers biennially are known as biennials.

  bigotry N. /固执/stubborn intolerance. Brought up in a democratic atmosphere, the student was shocked by the

  bigotry and narrowness expressed by several of his classmates.

  bilious ADJ. /消化不良,易怒/suffering from indigestion; irritable. His bilious temperament was apparent to all who heard

  him rant about his difficulties.

  bilk V. /骗/swindle; cheat. The con man specialized in bilking insurance companies.

  billowing ADJ. /波涛翻滚/swelling out in waves; surging. Standing over the air vent, Marilyn Monroe tried vainly to

  control her billowing skirts.

  bivouac N. /帐篷/temporary encampment. While in bivouac, we spent the night in our sleeping bags under the stars.

  also V.

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