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  bizarre ADJ. /怪异的/fantastic; violently contrasting. The plot of the novel was too bizarre to be believed. blanch V. /漂白/bleach; whiten. Although age had blanched his hair, he was still vigorous and energetic.

  bland ADJ. /温和的/soothing or mild; agreeable. Jill tried a bland ointment for her sunburn. However, when Jack

  absentmindedly patted her on the sunburned shoulder, she couldn't maintain a bland disposition.

  blandishment N. / 阿谀奉承/flattery. Despite the salesperson's blandishments, the customer did not buy the outfit. blare N. /大声喊叫,令人眩晕的强光/loud, harsh roar or screech; dazzling blaze of light. I don't know which is worse: the

  steady blare of a boom box deafening your ears or a sudden blare of flashbulbs dazzling your eyes.

  blasé ADJ. /厌于享乐/bored with pleasure or dissipation. Although Beth was as thrilled with the idea of a trip to Paris as

  her classmates were, she tried to act super cool and blasé, as if she'd been abroad hundreds of times.

  blasphemy N. /亵渎/irreverence; sacrilege; cursing. In my father's house, the Dodgers were the holiest of holies; to

  cheer for another team was to utter words of blasphemy. blasphemous, ADJ.

  blatant ADJ. /喧闹;俗丽/flagrant; conspicuously obvious; loudly offensive. To the unemployed youth from Dublin, the

  "No Irish Need Apply" placard in the shop window was a blatant mark of prejudice.

  *bleak ADJ. /冷淡;凄凉/cold or cheerless; unlikely to be favorable. The frigid, inhospitable Aleutian Islands are bleak

  military outposts. It's no wonder that soldiers assigned there have a bleak attitude toward their posting.

  *blighted ADJ. /完蛋了的;生病了的/suffering from a disease; destroyed. The extent of the blighted areas could be seen

  only when viewed from the air.

  blithe ADJ. /欢乐,高兴/gay; joyous; heedless. Shelley called the skylark a "blithe spirit" because of its happy song. bloated ADJ. /浮肿/swollen or puffed as with water or air. Her bloated stomach came from drinking so much water. bludgeon N. /大头狼牙棒/club; heavy-headed weapon. Attacked by Dr. Moriarty, Holmes used his walking stick as a

  bludgeon to defend himself. "Watson," he said, "I fear I may have bludgeoned Moriarty to death."

  bluff ADJ. /直率的/rough but good-natured. Jack had a bluff andhearty manner that belied his actual sensitivity; he

  never let people know how thin-skinned he really was.

  bluff N. /虚伪;欺骗;悬崖/pretense (of strength); deception; high cliff. Claire thought Lord Byron's boast that he would

  swim the Hellespont was just a bluff; she was astounded when he dove from the high bluff into the waters below.

  Word List 7 blunder-canter

  blunder N. /错误/error. The criminal's fatal blunder led to his capture. also V.

  blurt V. /脱口而出/utter impulsively. Before she could stop him, he blurted out the news.

  bluster V. /咆哮;吓唬/blow in heavy gusts; threaten emptily; bully. "Let the stormy winds bluster," cried Jack, "we'll set

  sail tonight." Jill let Jack bluster. she wasn't going anywhere, no matter what he said.

  bode V. /预兆/foreshadow; portend. The gloomy skies and the sulphurous odors from the mineral springs seemed to

  bode evil to those who settled in the area.

  bogus ADJ. /赝品/counterfeit; not authentic. The police quickly found the distributors of the bogus twenty-dollar bills. bohemian ADJ. /不合习俗;放荡不羁/unconventional (in an artistic way). Gertrude Stein ran off to Paris to live an

  eccentric, bohemian life with her writer friends. Oakland was not bohemian: it was too bourgeois, too middle-class.

  boisterous ADJ. /狂暴;喧嚣/violent; rough; noisy. The unruly crowd became even more boisterous when he tried to

  quiet them.

  bolster V. /支持,增援/support; reinforce. The debaters amassed file boxes full of evidence to bolstertheir arguments. bolt N. /门闩;螺钉;布匹的长度/door bar; fastening pin or screw; length of fabric. The carpenter shut the workshop door,

  sliding the heavy metal bolt into place. He sorted through his toolbox for the nuts and bolts and nails he would need. Before he cut into the bolt of canvas, he measured how much fabric he would need.

  bolt V. /猛冲,上门闩,囫囵吞下/dash or dart off; fasten (a door); gobble down. Jack was set to bolt out the front door, but Jill bolted the door. "Eat your breakfast," she said, "don't bolt your food."

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