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  broach V. /介绍,提出,引见/introduce; open up. Jack did not even try to broach the subject of religion with his in-laws.

  If you broach a touchy subject, it may cause a breach.

  brochure N. /小册子/pamphlet. This brochure on farming was issued by the Department of Agriculture. brooch N. /胸针/ornamental clasp. She treasured the brooch because it was an heirloom.

  browbeat V. /吓唬/bully; intimidate. Billy resisted Ted's attempts browbeat him into handing over his lunch money. browse V. /吃草;浏览/graze; skim or glance at casually. "How now, brown cow, browsing in the green, green grass." I

  remember lines of verse that I came across while browsing through the poetry section of the local bookstore.

  brunt N. /冲击/main impact or shock. Tom Sawyer claimed credit for painting the fence, but the brunt of the work fell

  on others. However, he bore the brunt of Aunt Polly's complaints when the paint began to peel.

  brusque ADJ. /唐图;直率;粗暴无礼/blunt; abrupt. Was Bruce too brusque when he brushed off Bob's request with a curt

  "Not now!"?

  buccaneer N. /海盗/pirate. At Disneyland the Pirates of the Caribbean sing a song about their lives as bloody


  bucolic ADJ. /田园的/rustic; pastoral. Filled with browsing cows and bleating sheep, the meadow was a charmingly

  bucolic sight.

  buffet N. /自助餐/table with food set out for people to serve themselves; meal at which people help themselves to food

  that's been set out. Please convey the soufflé on the tray to the buffet. (Buffet rhymes with tray.)

  buffet V. /殴打,斗殴/slap; batter; knock about. To buffet something is to rough it up. (Buffet rhymes with Muffett.) Was

  Miss Muffett buffeted by the crowd on the way to the buffet tray?

  buffoonery N. /滑稽的/clowning. In the Ace Ventura movies, Jim Carrey's buffoonery was hilarious: like Bozo the

  Clown, he's a natural buffoon.

  bullion N. /金条,银条/gold and silver in the form of bars. Much bullion is stored in the vaults at Fort Knox.

  bulwark N. /壁垒/earthwork or other strong defense; person who defends. The navy is our principal bulwark against


  bumptious ADJ. /盲目自大/self-assertive. His classmates called him a show-off because of his bumptious airs.

  bungalow N. /小平房/small cottage. Every summer we rent a bungalow on Cape Cod for our vacation home. The rent

  is high, the roof is low-it's a basic bungalow.

  bungle V. /搞砸/mismanage; blunder. Don't botch this assignment, Bumstead; if you bungle the job, you're fired! buoyant ADJ. /可漂浮的,乐观的/able to float; cheerful and optimistic. When the boat capsized, her buoyant life jacket

  kept Jody afloat. Scrambling back on board, she was still in a buoyant mood, certain that despite the delay she'd win the race.

  bureaucracy N. /官僚机构/over-regulated administrative system marked by red tape. The Internal Revenue Service is

  the ultimate bureaucracy. taxpayers wasted so much paper filling out IRS forms that the IRS bureaucrats printed up a new set of rules requiring taxpayers to comply with the Paperwork Reduction Act.

  burgeon V. /发芽,成长/grow forth; send out buds. In the spring, the plants that burgeon are a promise of the beauty

  that is to come.

  burlesque V. /作秀,滑稽/give an imitation that ridicules. In Spaceballs, Rick Moranis burlesques Darth Vader of Star

  Wars, outrageously parodying Vader's stiff walk and hollow voice.

  burly ADJ. /魁伟,结实/husky; muscular. The burly mover lifted the packing crate with ease.

  burnish V. /擦拭/make shiny by rubbing; polish. The maid burnished the brass fixtures until they reflected the


  bustle V. /喧嚣,繁忙,熙熙攘攘/move about energetically; teem. David and the children bustled about the house getting

  in each other's way as they tried to pack for the camping trip. The whole house bustled with activity.

  buttress V. /支持/support; prop up. The attorney came up with several far-fetched arguments in a vain attempt to buttress his weak case. also N.


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