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  cleft N. /裂缝;开裂/split. Trying for a fresh handhold, the mountainclimber grasped the edge of a cleft in the sheer

  rockface. also ADJ.

  clemency N. /温和;仁慈/disposition to be lenient; mildness, as of the weather. The lawyer was pleased when the case

  was sent to Judge Smith's chambers because Smith was noted for her clemency toward first offenders.

  clench V. /牢牢抓住/close tightly; grasp. "Open wide," said the dentist, but Clint clenched his teeth even more tightly

  than before.

  cliché N. /陈词滥调/phrase dulled in meaning by repetition. High school compositions are often marred by such clichés

  as "strong as an ox."

  clientele N. /常客/body of customers. The rock club attracted a young, stylish clientele.

  climactic ADJ. /顶点的,高潮的/relating to the highest point. When he reached the climactic portions of the book, he

  could not stop reading. climax, N.

  clime N. /地域;气候/region; climate. His doctor advised him to move to a milder clime.

  clip N. /剪辑/section of filmed material. Phil's job at Fox Sports involved selecting clips of the day's sporting highlights

  for later broadcast. also V.

  clique N. /小圈子;同行/small exclusive group. Fitzgerald wished that he belonged to the clique of popular athletes and

  big men on campus who seemed to run Princeton's social life.

  cloister N. /修道院/monastery or convent. The nuns lived a secluded life in the cloister.

  clout N. /巨大的影响(政治\社会)/great influence (especially political or social). Gatsby wondered whether he had

  enough clout to be admitted to the exclusive club.

  cloying ADJ. /倒胃口;过度的/distasteful (because excessive); excessively sweet or sentimental. Disliking the cloying

  sweetness of standard wedding cakes, Jody and Tom chose to have homemade carrot cake at the reception. cloy, V.

  clump N. /一块,一团;沉重的脚步声;草丛,灌木丛/cluster or close group (of bushes, trees); mass; sound of heavy treading.

  Hiding behind the clump of bushes, the fugitives waited for the heavy clump of the soldiers' feet to fade away.

  coagulate V. /凝结/thicken; congeal; clot. Even after you remove the pudding from the burner, it will continue to

  coagulate as it stands; therefore, do not overcook the pudding, lest it become too thick.

  *coalesce V. /接合/combine; fuse. The brooks coalesce into one large river. When minor political parties coalesce,

  their coalescence may create a major coalition.

  coalition N. /伙伴;同盟,集合/partnership; league; union. The Rainbow Coalition united people of all races in a common


  coddle V. /娇养,溺爱/to treat gently. Don't coddle the children so much; they need a taste of discipline.

  codicil N. /遗嘱的附录/supplement to the body of a will. Miss Havisham kept her lawyers busy drawing up codicils to

  add to her already complicated will.

  codify V. /编纂/arrange (laws, rules) as a code; classify. We need to take the varying rules and regulations of the

  different health agencies and codify them into a national health code.

  coercion N. /威逼,强迫/use of force to get someone to obey. The inquisitors used both physical and psychological

  coercion to force Joan of Arc to deny that her visions were sent by God. coerce,V.

  cogent ADJ. /有说服力的/convincing. It was inevitable that David chose to go to Harvard: he had several cogent

  reasons for doing so, including a full-tuition scholarship. Katya argued her case with such cogency that the jury had to decide in favor of her client.

  cogitate V. /考虑/think over. Cogitate on this problem; the solution will come.

  cognate ADJ. /同源的/related linguistically: allied by blood: similar or akin in nature. The English word "mother" is

  cognate to the Latin word "mater," whose influence is visible in the words "maternal" and "maternity." also N.

  cognitive ADJ. /认知的/having to do with knowing or perceiving; related to the mental processes. Though Jack was emotionally immature, his cognitive development was admirable; he was very advanced intellectually.


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