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  condole V. /慰问/express sympathetic sorrow. His friends gathered to condole with him over his loss. condolence, N. condone V. /宽恕/overlook; forgive; give tacit approval; excuse. Unlike Widow Douglass, who condoned Huck‟s minor

  offenses, Miss Watson did nothing but scold.

  conducive ADJ. /有助于/contributive; tending to. Rest and proper diet are conducive to good health.

  conduit N. /管道,导管/aqueduct; passageway for fluids. Water was brought to the army in the desert by an improvised

  conduit from the adjoining mountain.

  confidant N. /知已/trusted friend. He had no confidants with whom he could discuss his problems at home.

  confine V. /限制,禁闭/shut in; restrict. The terrorists had confined their prisoner in a small room. However, they had

  not chained him to the wall or done anything else to confine his movements further. confinement, N.

  confirm V. /确定/corroborate; verify; support. I have several wit- nesses who will confirm my account of what


  confiscate V. /没收,充公/seize; commandeer. The army confiscated all available supplies of uranium.

  conflagration N. /大火/great fire. In the conflagration that followed the 1906 earthquake, much of San Francisco

  was destroyed.

  confluence N. /汇合/flowing together; crowd. They built the city at the confluence of two rivers.

  conformity N. /一致,符合/harmony; agreement. In conformity with our rules and regulations, I am calling a meeting of

  our organization.

  confound V. /使混淆/confuse; puzzle. No mystery could confound Sherlock Holmes for long.

  confrontation N. /面对/act of facing someone or something; encounter, often hostile. Morris hoped to avoid any

  confrontations with his ex-wife, but he kept on running into her at the health club. How would you like to confront someone who can bench press 200 pounds? confront, v., confrontational, ADJ.

  congeal V. /冻结/freeze; coagulate. His blood congealed in his veins as he saw the dread monster rush toward him. congenial ADJ. /性格相似的/pleasant; friendly. My father loved to go out for a meal with congenial companions.

  congenital ADJ. /天生的,先天的/existing at birth. Were you born stupid, or did you just turn out this way? In other

  words, is your idiocy acquired or congenital? Doctors are able to cure some congenital deformities such as cleft palates by performing operations on infants.

  Word List 11 conglomeration-countermand

  conglomeration N. /聚集,混和物/mass of material sticking together. In such a conglomeration of miscellaneous

  statistics, it was impossible to find a single area of analysis.

  congruent ADJ. /适合的/in agreement; corresponding. In formulating a hypothesis, we must keep it congruent with

  what we know of the real world; it cannot disagree with our experience.

  conifer N. /针叶树/pine tree; cone-bearing tree. According to geologists, the conifers were the first plants to bear


  conjecture V. /推测,猜想/surmise; guess. Although there was no official count, the organizers conjectured that more

  than 10,000 marchers took part in the March for Peace. also N.

  conjugal ADJ. /结婚的/pertaining to marriage. Their dreams of conjugal bliss were shattered as soon as their

  temperaments clashed.

  conjure V. /施魔法,变戏法/summon a devil; practice magic; imagine or invent. Sorcerers conjure devils to appear.

  Magicians conjure white rabbits out of hats. Political candidates conjure up images of reformed cities and a world at peace.

  connivance N. /纵容,默许/assistance; pretense of ignorance of something wrong; permission to offend. With the

  connivance of his friends, he plotted to embarrass the teacher. connive, V.


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