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  creed N. /信条/system of religious or ethical belief. Any loyal American's creed must emphasize love of democracy. crescendo N. /声音渐增/increase in the volume or intensity, as in a musical passage; climax. The music suddenly

  shifted its mood, dramatically switching from a muted, contemplative passage to a crescendo with blaring trumpets and clashing cymbals.

  crest N. /顶峰,浪头/highest point of a hill; foamy top of a wave. Fleeing the tidal wave, the islanders scrambled to

  reach the crest of Mount Lucinda. With relief, they watched the crest of the wave break well below their vantage point.

  crestfallen ADJ. /垂头丧气的/dejected; dispirited. We were surprised at his reaction to the failure of his project;

  instead of being crestfallen, he was busily engaged in planning new activities.

  crevice N. /(墙壁,岩石等的)裂缝/crack; fissure. The mountain climbers found footholds in the tiny crevices in the


  cringe V. /畏缩,阿谀,奉承/shrink back, as if in fear. The dog cringed, expecting a blow.

  criterion N. /(批评判断的)标准,准据/standard used in judging. What criterion did you use when you selected this essay

  as the prizewinner? criteria, PL.

  crop V. /收割,修剪,种植/cut off unwanted parts of a photograph; graze. With care, David cropped the picture until its

  edges neatly framed the flock of sheep cropping the grass.

  crotchety ADJ. /有怪想的,反复无常的/eccentric; whimsical. Although he was reputed to be a crotchety old gentleman, I

  found his ideas substantially sound and sensible.

  crux N. /症结/crucial point. This is the crux of the entire problem: everything centers on its being resolved.

  crypt N. /地下室,土窖/secret recess or vault, usually used for burial. Until recently, only bodies of rulers and leading

  statesmen were interred in this crypt.

  cryptic ADJ. /秘密的,含义模糊的/mysterious; hidden; secret. Thoroughly baffled by Holmes's cryptic remarks, Watson

  wondered whether Holmes was intentionally concealing his thoughts about the crime.

  cubicle N. /小卧室/small compartment partitioned off; small bed- chamber. Hoping to personalize their workspace,

  the staff members decorated their tiny identical cubicles in markedly individual ways.

  cuisine N. /烹饪,烹调风格/style of cooking. French cuisine is noted for its use of sauces and wines.

  culinary ADJ. /厨房用的,烹调用的/relating to cooking. Many chefs attribute their culinary skill to the wise use of spices. cull V. /精选/pick out; reject. Every month the farmer culls the nonlaying hens from his flock and sells them to the local

  butcher. also N.

  culminate V. /达到顶点/attain the highest point; climax. George Bush's years of service to the Republican Party

  culminated in his being chosen as the Republican candidate for the presidency. His subsequent inauguration as President of the United States marked the culmination of his political career.

  culpable ADJ. /该责备的,不周到的/deserving blame. Corrupt politicians who condone the activities of the gamblers are

  equally culpable.

  culvert N. /管路/artificial channel for water. If we build a culvert under the road at this point, we will reduce the

  possibility of the road's being flooded during the rainy season.

  cumbersome ADJ. /讨厌的,麻烦的/heavy; hard to manage. He was burdened down with cumbersome parcels.

  cumulative ADJ. /累积的/growing by addition. Vocabulary building is a cumulative process: as you go through your

  flash cards, you will add new words to your vocabulary, one by one.

  cupidity N. /贪心,贪婪/greed. The defeated people could not satisfy the cupidity of the conquerors, who demanded

  excessive tribute.

  curator N. /馆长,监护人/superintendent; manager. The members of the board of trustees of the museum expected the

  new curator to plan events and exhibitions that would make the museum more popular.

  curmudgeon N. /脾气坏的人,爱争吵的家伙/churlish, miserly individual. Although he was regarded by many as a curmudgeon, a few of us were aware of the many kindnesses and acts of charity that he secretly performed.


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