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  defer V. /推迟,延期/delay till later; exempt temporarily. In wartime, some young men immediately volunteer to serve;

  others defer making plans until they hear from their draft boards. During the Vietnam War, many young men, hoping to be deferred, requested student deferments.

  defer V. /听从/give in respectfully; submit. When it comes to making decisions about purchasing software, we must

  defer to Michael, our computer guru; he gets the final word. Michael, however, can defer these questions to no one; only he can decide.

  deference N. /尊重的,尊重他人的/courteous regard for another's wish. In deference to the minister's request, please do

  not take photographs during the wedding service.

  defiance N. /抵抗;不屈服/refusal to yield; resistance. When John reached the "terrible two's," he responded to every

  parental request with howls of defiance. defy,V.

  defile V. /污染;亵渎/pollute; profane. The hoodlums defiled the church with their scurrilous writing.

  definitive ADJ. /完全的;最终的/final; complete. Carl Sandburg's Abraham Lincoln may be regarded as the definitive

  work on the life of the Great Emancipator.

  deflect V. /反舐,偏转/turn aside. His life was saved when his cigarette case deflected the bullet.

  defoliate V. /落叶/destroy leaves. In Vietnam the army made extensive use of chemical agents to defoliate the


  defray V. /偿付/pay the costs of. Her employer offered to defray the costs of her postgraduate education. deft ADJ. /灵巧的,敏锐地/neat; skillful. The deft waiter uncorked the champagne without spilling a drop.

  defunct ADJ. /死的;不存在的,报废的/dead; no longer in use or existence. The lawyers sought to examine the books of

  the defunct corporation.

  defuse V. /拆弹;化解(危机)/remove the fuse of a bomb; reduce or eliminate a threat. Police negotiators are trained to

  defuse dangerous situations by avoiding confrontational language and behavior.

  degenerate V. /恶化/become worse; deteriorate. As the fight dragged on, the champion's style degenerated until he

  could barely keep on his feet.

  degradation N. /降级;降格;退化/humiliation; debasement; degeneration. Some secretaries object to fetching the boss

  a cup of coffee because they resent the degradation of being made to do such lowly tasks. degrade,V.

  dehydrate V. /脱水/remove water from; dry out. Running under a hot sun quickly dehydrates the body; joggers soon

  learn to carry water bottles and to drink from them frequently.

  deify V. /神化/ turn into a god; idolize. Admire Elvis Presley all you want; just don't deify him.

  deign V. /屈服,屈尊/condescend; stoop. The celebrated fashion designer would not deign to speak to a mere

  seamstress; his overburdened assistant had to convey the master's wishes to the lowly workers assembling his great designs.

  delectable ADJ. /使人愉快的/delightful; delicious. We thanked our host for a most delectable meal.

  delete V. /删除/erase; strike out. Less is more: if you delete this paragraph, your whole essay will have greater appeal. deleterious ADJ. /有害的/harmful. If you believe that smoking is deleterious to your health (and the Surgeon General

  certainly does), then quit!

  deliberate V. /深思熟虑的;商讨/consider; ponder. Offered the new job, she asked for time to deliberate before she told

  them her decision,

  delineate V. /描绘;描述/portray; depict; sketch. Using only a few descriptive phrases, Austen delineates the character

  of Mr. Collins so well that we can predict his every move. delineation, N.

  delirium N. /精神错乱/mental disorder marked by confusion. In his delirium, the drunkard saw pink panthers and

  talking pigs. Perhaps he wasn't delirious: he might just have wandered into a movie.

  delude V. /盅惑/deceive. His mistress may have deluded herself into believing that he would leave his wife and marry



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