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  9. Yellow fever, the disease that killed 4,000 Philadelphians in 1793, and so ______ Memphis, Tennessee, that the city lost its charter, has reappeared after nearly two decades in______ in the Western Hemisphere.

  A. terrorized...contention B. ravaged...secret C. disabled...quarantine

  D. corrupted...quiescence E. decimated...abeyance

  10. The border between the two properties, never ______ by legal means, had long beenthe subject of ______ between the antagonistic neighbors.

  A. determined…concord B. undermined…hostility C. verified…consonance

  D. quantified…diversion E. established…disputation


  11. Freedom of expression is not necessarily a _____ force: communities that encourageit often feel less threatened by social unrest than do those in which dissent is______.

  A. revolutionary…promoted B. positive…prohibited C. successful…protested

  D. divisive…restricted E. militant…fostered

  12. ______ as Mario’s misdeed was, his grandmother, always blind to his faults, pretendedto be unaware of it.

  A. accidental B. apt C. random D. flagrant E. covert


  13. The most frustrating periods of any diet are the inevitable ______, when weight loss_______ if not stops.

  A. moods…accelerates B. feasts…halts C. holidays…contracts

  D. plateaus…slows E. meals…ceases


  14. It is ironic that the ______ insights of the great thinkers are voiced so often that theyhave become mere ______

  A. original…clichés B. banal…beliefs C. dubious…habits

  D. philosophical…questions E. abstract…ideas

  15. If it is true that morality cannot exist without religion, then does not the erosion ofreligion herald the ______ of morality?

  A. regulation B. basis C. belief D. collapse E. value


  16. The disjunction between educational objectives that stress independence andindividuality and those that emphasize obedience to rules and cooperation with othersreflects a ______ that arises from the values on which these objectives are based.

  A. conflict B. redundancy C. gain D. predictability E. wisdom


  17. The poet W.H. Auden believed that the greatest poets of his age were almostnecessarily irresponsible, that the possession of great gifts ______ the ______ to abusethem.

  A. negates…temptation B. controls…resolution C. engenders…propensity

  D. tempers…proclivity E. obviates…inclination


  18. No longer considered ______, the belief that all of Puerto Rico’s indigenous Tainopeople perished centuries ago appears to be a ______ now that modern Taino descendantshave come forward.

  A. conclusive…reality B. tenable…misconception C. mythical…possibility

  D. erroneous…delusion E. hypothetical…digression

  19. With its large circulation, Essence magazine has enjoyed ______ only recentlychallenged by new publications aggressively seeking female African American readers.

  A. an aggregation B. an inclination C. a prognosis

  D. a retrenchment E. a preeminence


  20. The director complained that the sitcom’s theme song was downright ______, havingno more pep and vigor than a ______.

  A. tedious…jingle B. inchoate…lullaby C. lugubrious…dirge

  D. facetious…ballad E. sprightly…eulogy

  21. Although nothing could be further from the truth, freight railroads have been ______ of ______ the nation’s shift from oil to coal by charging exorbitant fees to transport coal.

  A. accused... impeding B. accused... impeding C. guilty… delaying

  D. conscious... contributing to E. wary... interfering wit


  22. The governor’s imposition of martial law on the once-peaceful community was thelast straw, so far as the lawmakers were concerned: the legislature refused to function untilmartial law was ______

  A. reaffirmed B. reiterated C. inaugurated D. rescinded E. prolonged

  23. We had not realized how much people ______ the library’s old borrowing policy until wereceived complaints once it had been ______.

  A. enjoyed…continued B. disliked…administered C. respected..imitated

  D. ignored…lauded E. appreciated…superseded


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